Outreach Efforts By India Heritage Museum Members

Hasya Kavi Sammelan

Friday June 17th,2022 , 8 PM @ Hindu Temple Of Rochester,120 Pinnacle Road
Community Announcement

Poets Profile

Punjab Exhibit at Rochester Public Library

Journey to the Land of Five Rivers and explore the majestic beauty and rich culture of the northern state of Punjab, India.
Dec 1, 2021- March 5, 2022

Connecting with local organizations

Abhas Kumar is a member of the Directors Advisory Council of the Memorial Art Gallery and is focused on growing associations with local institutions as well as media, including the D&C and RBJ among others

FaceBook page

Jyothsna Ponnuri and Hema Varahan have taken the initiative to create a social media presence for India Heritage Museum, Rochester NY

TV Asia’s Community Round Up (CRUP)

On Sunday June 13, 2021, CRUP program aired the event Indian Cinema- A Rochester Connection

PTSA, Pittsford District

November 15, 2020: Chetna Chandrakala shared the event “Religions of India Exhibition” with the PTSA, Pittsford District. Pittsford PTSA sent this newsletter to 9 school PTSAs!

Rochester Interfaith Network

Natasha Sodhi is a member of Rochester Interfaith Network Alive and is committed to deepening connections between faith and regional groups within the Greater Rochester community.


Mr. Luthra’s connection with WHAM13 highlighted the Punjabi Mela live on TV and online for their “Bright Spot” segment.
Bright Spot